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Dr. Ali Araghi and Kayla Clifford (Dietitian) will be presenting as part of the Passion For Wellness Event on Gut Health & Hormone

Do you want to have vitality & a happy wellbeing for decades to come? Yes absolutely! A well functioning Digestive System & beautifully balanced Hormones can help you achieve this.

Join us for a very special evening at USC as the health professionals & wellness advocates inform you about
Gut & Hormone Health.

Inspired 4 Health has gathered outstanding professionals & wellness advocates to educate you & inspired you on your health journey. There will be a panel set up on the evening so come ready to ask questions about these 2 major pillars of health.

WHAT TO EXPECT ~ How to feel like the BEST version of yourself. Happy, fit & full of energy.

- Discover the huge impact that Gut & Hormone health has on your wellbeing.

- Hormonal Imbalances! Myth or Truth?

- How to create harmony & balanced Hormones through better Nutrition & Lifestyle choices.

- Learn what specific foods support your Endocrine System.

- How stress wreaks havoc on your Gut & Hormones.

- Deficiencies in Hormones due to aging.

- What is microbiome?

- How the Gut can affect mood & Neurotransmitter Production

- Gut & Brain connection.


Physical Health Workshops 2016


Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT has been the centre of attention by health practitioners, specialists and media in the last 10 years. Women have been receiving mixed messaged about the treatment and they have been baffled by controversial news and views on the matter. This has so far not only confused Menopause sufferers more but also has stigmatised the doctors treating the condition. In this workshop I try to clarify international expert opinion on the issue and help sufferers choose peacefully the right treatment most needed by women and men.

About Dr Ali Araghi

: Dr Araghi of Australia Wellness and Cosmetic Institute is a General Practitioner with a specialising fellowship in Metaboic and Nutritional Medicine from American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (A4M). He also holds a fellowship of Aesthetic Medicine from A4M. He has been practicing functional/metabolic and nutritional medicine for the last 4 years on the Sunshine Coast. Working with patients who suffer from all types of autoimmune disorders including obesity, menopause and chronic disease as well as working with top performing national athletes.