Body Composition DXA Scan

Everything you need to know

What is a DXA Body Composition Scan?
Although a simplistic description, the human body is comprised of fat mass and fat-free mass (water, protein and mineral). In order to assess the obesity or health implications of excess fat in the body, anthropometric measurements including weight and height, are very defective and do not provide accurate information in particular for the people who are either obese or athletic. The Gold Standard of measuring body composition is done by Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) scan.
How long does the DXA scan take?
The whole process will take approximately 15 minutes.

The actual DXA scan will only take about 7 minutes.
How much will a DXA scan cost?
A DXA scan will cost $85 and if you have a private health insurance you may be claim a rebate through your insurer depending on your type of cover.
How to prepare for my DXA scan?
In order to achieve best-standardised results, you need to present for your scan in the morning while fasting from the night before. We highly advise you not to drink any water or fluids in the morning before the scan.
How many times can I do a DXA scan?
Depending on your weight loss or athletic goals we usually recommend one scan every 3 months.
What will happen after the examination?
The technician will give a print copy of your results as well as email PDF copy. You will need to make an appointment to see Dr. Ali Araghi for a free 10-minute consultation to discuss your results. Dr. Araghi can investigate the causes contributing to your scan findings and develop a systemic metabolic and nutritional approach to improve your health.