Vitamin Infusion Medifacial

The ultimate facial treatment for those concerned with the signs of premature ageing, hyperpigmentation and photo damage.

The Vitamin Infusion Medifacial delivers intense hydration, instant firmness and a refreshing luminosity to all skin types. A powerful infusion of biologically active peptides, essential vitamins and marine biotechnology to provide visible and cellular improvement to all skin types and conditions. Galvanic technology is used to infuse key ingredients into the deep basal and dermal layers and is followed by a facial massage to hydrate, repair and invigorate fatigued skin.


Iontophoresis is based on the laws of electricity, and, just as if you were to hold two magnets together - like repels and opposites attract. The Iontophoresis Medifacial uses galvanic current on a positive polarity (iontophoresis) to transport positively charged, biologically active molecules, deep into the stratum germinativum and basal layers where they can exert their valuable effects on the basal layer “mother” cells and fibroblast cells respectively.

Iontophoresis also creates gently heating in the skin. This encourages blood flow, and because this is localised to the treatment area, it is bringing blood, oxygen, cell nutrients and therefore nourishment and rejuvenation to the treated area. During the Iontophoresis Medifacial, a very safe, low level electrical circuit is created in the body when the client holds one probe (negative electrode) and a therapist applies another probe (positive electrode) onto the facial skin.

Before commencing the iontophoresis treatment, the skin will be coated with a conductive water- based gel (Synergie HyalaGel) and an ionised positively charged cosmeceutical solution, blended with L-ascorbic acid (acidic pH = ionised, positive charge). This enables the current to be successfully created, conducted and transported into the skin. If the therapist is holding a positively charged electrode, then the topical solution on the skin MUST be a positively ionised solution (acidic). Because both the electric current and ionised solution are positive, they will repel one another and the molecules in the solution will be driven into the dermis. In theory, the solution will be ‘REPELLED’ into the skin through the pores, stratum corneum, sebaceous glands, the dermis and capillaries.

The positively ionised solution will also be running towards the negatively charged electrode that the client is holding or being ‘PULLED ‘and this is how the circuit of direct current is formed. This results in a 400% improved penetration of active ingredients chosen by the therapist. The active ‘cocktail’ solution is mixed according to client requirements.

Targeted Skin Conditions

Sun Damage
Uneven skin tone
Problematic skin

Additional Treatment Options

* An alternate treatment option embracing the deeply hydrating, calming and infusing properties of the BioAlginate mask is also provided. Upgrade your client to the Synergie Skin double mask therapy to accelerate and further enhance their Vitamin Infusion medifacial treatment benefits.

* Express microdermabrasion option prior to vitamin infusion to give your skin a clean slate, removing any excess dead skin build up allowing maximum benefit of infusion.