Mole Removal


You don’t have to live with unsightly raised moles on your face, neck or body!

Our radiofrequency cosmetic mole/skin tag removal treatment is undertaken using the high-tech gold standard Ellman Surgitron system to remove moles protruding above the surface of the skin. With an electrode loop we are able to shave the mole away layer by layer without having to use a knife, scalpel or stitches giving you a smooth result.
The vast majority of moles that appear on the skin before the age of 30 are commonly non-cancerous, however they can cause irritation on the skin or become a cosmetic nuisance, especially when situated on the face or neck area.

Prior to any mole removal a skin check is performed on the mole itself in case of potentially serious skin cancers.

Price List

  • 1ST LESION – $150.00
  • COST THEREAFTER – $50.00 per lesion removed


  • This treatment consists of numbing the area with local anaesthetic.
  • Our radiofrequency machine is then used to painlessly remove the mole or skin tag.
  • Stithes are not usually required (however, on a rare occasion there may be a need for a small stitch).


  • Use Vaseline to keep area moist for a few days and cover with a small plaster
  • Ensure the area gets no sun exposure for 5 days
  • Apply a 50+SPF sunscreen
  • Book a Review after 1 week

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